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The Roof

The premise of the project to build Aquaponic systems on rooftops in Cuba is based on the lack of space in the inner cities such as Havana. Like most cities, space is very limited and seldom suited for growing food. At ICAFF, we believe strongly in community food production. One of the many obstacles we faced (and overcame) were the actual rooftops. Built primarily of a clay exterior, the heavy weight of an Aquaponic system (even raft) could present a danger to the structure, even if only the exterior. Fortunately, many of the roofs had a flat cement portion towards the back of the house which nicely accommodated an Aquaponic system.

Roof View to the Front

Roof View to the Back

(note flat deck at back - 2.5 m x 4.5 m)

Roof View to the Right

Roof View to the Left

The International Center of Aquaponics and Family Farming

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